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Welcome to International Journals of Research

International Journals of Research are international peer-reviewed professional scientific open access journals where manuscripts in the area of Language, Linguistics, Lexicography, Business, Economics, Commerce, Education and Literature are accepted for publication in five different online and printed journals. These journals are published four times a year. We make every effort to bring accuracy in the content of publications of the journal. Join us as editors, advisors and reviewers to support promoting research. Contact us:

The Journals are indexed in Ulrich Periodical Directory, Index Copernicus Master List, Cabell's Directories, MLA International Bibliography, New Jour, The Linguist List, Open J Gate, Journal Seeker & National University of Maxico (U N A M), World Cat, Saarland Virtual Catalogue (OPAC) University of Saarlands, Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD), Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin fur Sozialforschung (WZB), BIBLIOTECA, Staatsbibliothek Zu Berilin (SBB), Bibliothekssystem Universit├Ąt Hamburg, SWB Online Catalog.

International Journal of Research in Linguistics and Lexicography

ISSN 2226-5589 (Online)         ISSN 2226-4973 (Print)

International Journal of Research in Education and Applied Sciences

ISSN 2227-1732 (Online)         ISSN 2227-166X (Print)

International Journal of Research in Business, Economics and Commerce

ISSN 2227-1724 (Online)         ISSN 2227-1651 (Print)

International Journal of Research in Literature

ISSN 2227-1767 (Online)         ISSN 2227-1678 (Print)

International Journal of Research in Cultural Studies

ISSN Applied (Online)         ISSN Applied (Print)